DHT11 Humidity Sensor with NodeMcu ESP8266 and ThingSpeak


Learn How to Post DHT11 data to ThingSpeak using Nodemcu.

In this project, We will learn how to interface DHT11 Humidity Sensor with ESP8266 and ThingSpeak and monitor the data.DHT11 is a low-cost Humidity and Temperature Sensor. Since it has both the temperature and humidity sensors, the DHT11 Sensor is sufficient to implement your first IoT Weather Monitoring System.

When it comes to IoT, the combination of ESP8266 and ThingSpeak is an excellent way for beginners and hobbyists to dive into your IoT related projects.You can also configure ESP8266 board with Arduino to monitor temperature and humidity.

Components Required

1.NodeMCU(Buy best one here)
2.DHT11 Sensor(Buy best one here)
3.Bread board and Connecting Wires(Buy quality one here)

Circuit Diagram

Circuit Diagram




Download DHT Libraries

Download Zip file and Extract it, then we will get two libraries zip files then include libraries through .add zip method as shown below.

Click here to Download Libraries

E for Engineer method

For Practical Demo Watch this

If you don’t know about Nodemcu please see this post:https://www.eforengineer.com/introduction-to-nodemcu/




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